Researchers discover the Achilles’ heel of coronavirus

Finding the cure of the coronavirus has become the top priority of scientists and researchers from around the globe, and now US scientists claim that they have discovered the “weak link” of the virus.

According to The San Diego Union Tribune, researchers at Scripps Research have found that a certain part of the virus could be targeted by the vaccine.

In fact, the researchers have tested a human antibody on the new Coronavirus, which was acquired from a patient who had defeated the SARS virus years ago, which happens to be able to weaken the new Coronavirus as well.

Researchers said that knowledge of this vulnerable area of Coronavirus would help in the development of vaccines and therapies against the COVID-19, while also protecting against coronaviruses that could emerge in the future.

They say that the discovery of this part is probably the weakest aspect of the virus. According to the researchers, they have discovered the part that is usually hidden inside the virus and appears only when the structure of the virus changes.

During this study, an attempt was made to find patients infected with COVID-19 who could donate blood for possible antibodies. Earlier in a study published in late March, it was reported that blood donated by a healthy patient could help recover those affected by the coronavirus.

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