Pakistani scholar researching on Scorpion venom for Cancer cure

Scorpion venom is extremely dangerous but apart from its lethalness, it is also helpful in treating cancer. Muhammad Jawad of Islamia College Peshawar is the first Khyber Pakhtunkhwa research scholar to research poisonous scorpions for cancer treatment.

Sahibzada Mohammad Jawad said he started work three years ago and has collected data on 80 percent of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s scorpions. In 2014, a report was received that drug addicts were addicted to scorpion venom, so I realized that there were more scorpions in KP.

To date, no one has worked on scorpions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he said. If we explore how many types there are and where they are, we will be able to tell internationally that the natural environment is still there.

Mohammad Jawad said that scorpion venom is being tested all over the world which is used in medicine. My research will make it easier to know which type of scorpio is more useful in cancer treatment.

He said scorpion venom costs $2.5 million and is more prevalent in barren and arid areas.

Mohammad Jawad said that at the beginning he was afraid that he would be stung and then he formed a team with some people. At present, I am working with the top researchers of three countries.

I have received an invitation from the University of New York. I need the support of the government so that when I come back, I will shine the name of the country and Islamia College.

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