Govt decides to Increase PTV License Fees

The government has approved an increase in the monthly license fee for Pakistan Television.

The state-run Pakistan Television plans to raise Rs20 billion from the public. As per details, the federal government has sought approval from the cabinet to increase the PTV fee from Rs35 to Rs100.

Earlier this year, the PTV Board of Directors had approved the financial plan. According to the document, the PTV fee from power consumers will be increased from Rs 35 to Rs 100 per month. PTV is receiving Rs.7 billion annually from power consumers.

It may be recalled that a report published on December 15, 2018 stated that during the last ten years, Pakistan Television has made a profit of more than Rs 8.22 billion, while in 2017-18, the revenue of all Pakistan Television channels was Rs 9.191 billion. and the expenditure was more than 9.626 billion.

Except for PTV Home, all channels have expenses in excess of revenue. According to official documents, in the last two years, PTV has spent more than it has earned.

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