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Tariq Aziz — a man to reckon with

By Baseer Ahmed

Man with an unmatched dignity, eloquence, knowledge, patriotism, and integrity has left all the memories to reminiscence. Tariq Aziz was truly a jack of all trades. He was a compere, actor, writer, producer, poet, and whatnot. In an interview, he himself relayed that he knew all the trades of radio station except for engineering of “ancient equipment”.

He would start his speech in a unique iconic style: “Ibtidaye Rabbey Jaleel K Naam Sey, Jo Dilo K Bhed Ko Janta Hey”, In the name of Allah Almighty, Who knows what you hold in your hearts. The one who used to say salaam to “Dekhti Aankho Aur Suntay Kaano” the eyes that could see and the ears that could hear, is no more with us.

Late but great artist Moin Akhter once said that Tariq Aziz was a blessing of Allah (SWT) for us. His was the first face that Pakistani nation saw on national television. He was a member of the delegation who signed historical Simla Pact.

After having asked millions of questions during his program which intermittently ran for almost 30 or more years, general knowledge was a cakewalk for Tariq Aziz. He used to offer prayers five times a day, a trait that the majority of Muslims lack these days. He introduced a great number of artists to the entertainment industry who have crafted their own identities now.

Tariq Aziz passed away at the age of 84 on Jun 17, 2020. He will be greatly missed.

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