Unveiling Woes With Humor

Professor Inayat Ali Khan is said to be a wonderful institution by himself. Born in the Muslim Pathan state of Tonk in British India he has always been an example of humanitarianism to all he met, particularly to his countless students whom he taught at various educational institutions.

Prof Inayat just like millions migrated to the newly created state of Pakistan in 1948, reaching Hyderabad, Sindh.

An academician by profession, he has also been a famous poet as poetry has been a hand-maiden to him, his family, and his renowned ancestors. Prof Inayat’s poetry presents a humorously sardonic comment on our state of affairs.

It also expresses his deep anguish over the near absence of socio-economic justice in a society which is increasingly and unfortunately characterized by the growing challenges of militancy, corruption, favoritism, intolerance, and obscurantism; nor is Prof Inayat a supporter of secular liberalism that unleashes certain ‘appetites’ in society at the cost of a common good.

Prof Inayat is known for complying with the wishes of admirers of his poetry, however unreasonable they might be on certain occasions. He’s a true mentor, teaching his students to be subtle, firm, and humorous all at the same time.

Azraah-E-Inayat, Inaayaat, Inaayatein Kya Kya, Nihaayat are among the celebrated works of his poetry, whereas, Nisaab-E-Kitab-E-Urdu, Nisaab-E-Kutb-E-IslaamiyaatKuch Aur are the collections of his works.

PakVibe wishes ailing Prof Inayat speedy recovery and sound health.

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