Reaching Out To A Wider Audience


Although Urdu does not belong to the Semitic group of languages, Hindko-speaking Gul-e-Wahid, who also has a command over Urdu, had acquired an extensive vocabulary of Arabic words before he formally became a teacher.

He’s good at Arabic grammar as well. Gul is known as someone who is well aware of the rules of Tajwid. But his real strength seems to lie in Quranic tafsir through which he makes efforts to elucidate and explain the holy book in the Urdu language with a view to providing its “clearer understanding” to a wider audience, including common people.

Gul says that his is a non-sectarian and apolitical approach to work; he also insists that he considers himself only a “pupil” in the realm of tafsir bi-al-ra’y (lit. tafsir by opinion).

He tells PakVibe.pk that his early interest in the holy Quran in school days later developed into an abiding passion. “I finally did masters in Islamiat for this very reason although I had become a qualified engineer by then,” says Gul, who is nowadays teaching only via video links.

PakVibes wishes him sound health and success in his future endeavors._Editors

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