Penning Down Objectively

Aziz Malik is a veteran Hyderabad (Sindh)- based journalist. A former ‘Market thana SHO’ and a senior official of Hyderabad Chambers of Commerce Malik sahib retired from DAWN as its founder bureau chief some years ago. Malik sahib, an eloquent orator, has an excellent command of regional languages, including Sindhi, as well.

Malik sahib originally hails from Hadali town of district Khushaab of Punjab. Hadali also happens to be the birthplace of noted Indian writer the late Khushwant Singh.

Malik sahib was once probably the most prolific writer for various English-language newspapers of his generation, producing a great number of write-ups on a variety of subjects or issues on a daily basis, although he always has a modest or low view of his own achievements or skills.

His approach to work has always been characterized by the cardinal principle of journalism: objectivity; his work is widely regarded as free from subjectivity caused by personal emotions or beliefs.

For example, his writings never displayed any favoritism or bias towards one side or the other even during the worst periods of ethnic tensions that unfortunately marred the demographic, political, and social landscape of Sindh’s second-largest city, which is located on the east bank of the River Indus.

That Malik sahib is a journalist who can be trusted and believed in is a fact. Respect is his most valuable or perhaps the only asset. PakVibe wishes Malik sahib sound health, happiness, and prosperity._Editors

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