Living in the Corona reality

This purportedly real, not fake or doctored, video presents, among other things, a sardonic comment on the state of our health infrastructure.

That it stands completely overwhelmed much before the last week of July when the number of coronavirus positive cases is projected to soar to 1.2 million is a fact.

There’s no need for being too apocalyptical, but we just can’t acquiesce to a complacent attitude towards the crisis any longer. Governments are required to take the following steps immediately:

  • Turn all stadia and other big playgrounds into makeshift hospitals; impose a ban on the export of PPEs and related items.
  • Create a force on the pattern of Corona Tiger Force to exclusively help assist the health workers at hospitals and ambulance services
  • Ensure strict observance of SOPs in public places.
  • Urge China to send professionals in greater numbers, and accept the ‘corona’ reality.

Only then can ‘smart’ lockdowns work, albeit modestly, in a situation which actually calls for ‘draconian’ lockdowns.–Editors

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