Like A Moth To A Flame

Ahmed Shah is involved in an activity that requires great skills and accomplishments; he has been heading Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi since 2008 with great eagerness and enthusiasm.

His detractors, however, accuse him of promoting his own business interests through his protracted ‘rule’ over this institution. Rejecting this and some other accusations, Ahmed says he has in fact “destroyed” his own businesses during this period, adding: “Arts Council’s list of achievements under my leadership is indeed very long”.

This left-leaning connoisseur of arts identifies himself as someone having a rational and well-informed outlook, not as a radical Marxist. Ghalib is his all-time favorite, although he equally adores William Wordsworth, the supreme worshipper of Nature.

He says he has been a voracious reader of works of almost all great poets and writers since his childhood but he’s particularly fond of those who display the quality of being intricate or complicated. Ahmed has no clear answer to question what he wants to achieve more. PakVibe wishes him success in his future endeavors._Editors

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