Leading struggle by the pen

Writer, editor, historian, and anthropologist Anwar Sajadee can be described as the present-day ‘Henry Pottinger’.

Pottinger, the first governor of Hong Kong, was an authority on ‘Beloochistan’ and ‘Sinde’. Sajadee is a key witness to all major events that preceded the demise of the One Unit in the history of Pakistan.

Although he has always maintained good relationships with all top Baloch politicians, his closeness with the late Nawab Akbar Bugti was exemplary. Striking a delicate balance between militants and the military has therefore been Sajadee’s prime responsibility as a newspaper editor.

The Sajadees constitute one of the ‘Nharooe Belooche’ tribes. According to Pottinger, “Nharooes are fearless of death and, in battle, said to fight with great gallantry, only requiring a leader to direct them.”

No doubt, Sajadee the editor is sympathetic to the ‘Baloch struggle’ but he cannot become militants’ leader because of the fact that he wields pen, not gun, as his only weapon in the battle for Balochistan’s rights._Editors

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