Death of a virtuoso

We have lost poet, critic, and journalist Sarwar Javed who died yesterday of some liver ailment in Karachi.

That Javed was a very good poet and writer with his dexterity in the Urdu classics is a fact that had found its best expression from the lavish praise he earned from great Urdu poet Ali Sardar Jafri.

The venue was the jam-packed Ibrahim Jalees Hall of Karachi Press Club where Javed, along with several other poets, recited poetry to display his powers of imagination and expression before a seemingly mesmerized delegation of visiting Indian poets and writers about two decades ago.

Widely known for his deep interest in Western, including Spanish, literature as well, he was extremely good at giving his feelings and ideas intensity through a distinctive style.

A look at his works shows that Javed had certainly felt a desire to investigate through his poetry pain and death. He, for example, had said: “Diyar e shabb may jissay tamanna ho roshnee kee, chiragh e jaan bujh chala wo khana talash kartay”. -Editors

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