Churning Opportunity From Adversity

Ayesha Tammy Haq is certainly from the elitists but she has no contempt for popular politics; she had remained associated, albeit briefly, with Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) as she knew Imran Khan as a kid because of her late cricketer father MU Haq.

Armed by special interests and abilities, she had been regularly hosting a TV show with noted but highly controversial journalist Cyril Almeida making his appearance as her guest on some occasions.

But she suddenly stopped appearing on TV following the abduction of her sister’s son Shahbaz Taseer. Although Shahbaz was later recovered safely, the assassination of his father Salmaan Taseer that had preceded the kidnapping incident had already disturbed her so much so that she literally ended her career in broadcast journalism.

She is a firm believer in the saying that every adversity offers an opportunity. Covid-19 has also thrown up an opportunity for us to cash it on. In this situation, she argues, e-Commerce or anything related to information technology and pharmaceutical sector need the renewed government focus and attention in the midst of the woeful economic slowdown.

Not only will these two sectors create new job opportunities, but these will also help the government generate much-needed foreign exchange.

Reopening tourism and construction sectors is no meaningful response to the situation, according to her.

Tammy is also known as a ‘bookworm’ or a person who deeply enjoys reading; she’s always a regular but distinctive attribute or aspect of book festivals where she moderates highly informed discussions between authors and their audiences in a scholarly and candid manner with a view to contributing towards efforts aimed at reclaiming the space in Karachi for literary and cultural exchanges.

The last Karachi Literature Festival took place under the shadows of Covid-19 pandemic, which adversely affected the turnout.

Expressing her optimism that the specter of coronavirus will ‘ultimately’ come to an end, she has some legitimate concerns about the fate of the next book festival although it is scheduled for February 2021.

Answering a PakVibe question whether she has plans to write books, Tammy comes up with a very interesting answer. According to her, those who can write books must write books but those who’re thinking that they too can write books must not write books “because there are already so many bad books”.

PakVibe wishes Tammy sound health and happiness._Editors

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