As Fearless As A Hur

Arabic word “Hur” means “free” or “not slave”. Bachal Leghari, a fearlessly outspoken journalist, was born into a Hur family in a concentration camp in Sindh in 1949.

Such camps set up by the Britishers in various parts of undivided sub-continent with a view to stifling anti-British rule voices constituted one of the cruel legacies that they had bequeathed to both India and Pakistan.

Bachal tells PakVibe that it was not until he was two or three years old that the government of Pakistan dismantled all the concentration camps and set the inmates free.

No wonder then the student life of Bachal was strongly characterized by rich traditions of endurance and sacrifice that he had inherited from his parents.

Once a centre-right under-trial political prisoner Bachal was even put in cross-fetters for organising an ‘anti-goverment’ gathering inside the jail.

Bachal, a skilled debater, chose journalism as the profession to continue upholding his ideals, although he was armed with degrees in law and international relations.

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