A session with a secluded leftist

Shabbar Azmi is still one of the most recognizable faces from Left although he prefers to stay at home in ‘seclusion’ because of an illness that has adversely affected his ability to walk.

Prior to his retirement from Daily Amn some years ago, Shabbar had led a very active life as a leader of students’ and later working journalists’ unions.

He’s now working on vol-II of a book on the history of student politics in Pakistan under the guidance of his London-based friend Dr.Hasan Javed.

During this talk, he fondly reminisces about the erstwhile Democratic Students Federation (DSF) and its leaders such as Mohammad Sarwar and Mir Rahman Ali Hashmi.

But he parries the question, whether A.B.A. Haleem the first VC of KU had organised National Students Federation (NSF) against DSF with a clever reply.

Shabbar suffered imprisonment and torture on different occasions for the ideals and causes he has always espoused. _Editors

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