A Pragmatic Dreamer

Shahid Husain is a Karachi-based journalist and author. Arguably, the title of his book “khuaab lay lo khuaab” puts him in the shoes of a hawker selling his dreams, typically advertising them by shouting or pushing his handcart, crying “khuaab lay lo khuaab”.

Insofar as his immense flight of imagination is concerned, the definition of the word “dream” goes much beyond a series of thoughts, images, and events occurring in a person’s mind during sleep; it’s actually about one’s cherished goal and ideal.

Life experiences have taught Shahid how a dream can be turned into a reality, and vice versa! Left-leaning Shahid’s life is full of trials and tribulations but he never plays the victim card with a view to gaining support to earn sympathy; he has confidence in his own worth and abilities.

In his career spanning over four decades, Shahid worked for numerous national dailies and periodicals; he also worked for the then Soviet information department. He’s now working on two book projects. PakVibe.pk wishes him success._Editors

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