A communicator in a league of its own

Syed Jawaid Iqbal is charming, confident, elegant and deferential. He’s an entrepreneur, writer, editor and publisher.

He’s also country’s top professional in public relations–a field or area which is unfortunately often looked down on by media. He’s too good at communication which involves inter-relation between speaker and hearer.

He’s known as Establishment’s “institutional friend”. The first-ever interview of the then army chief and Chief Executive of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharraf, by him which was broadcast by PTV, months after the removal of the Nawaz Sharif’s government on Oct 12, 1999, adds to this widely-held perception.

That Jawaid sahib is one of the key witnesses to the events that preceded the breakup of the country in 1971 is a fact. Not only does his flagship publication, South Asia (formerly Third World International), continue to explain how the world once stood divided into different camps, it also highlights political/economic challenges facing the countries that remained non-aligned with either the NATO or the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War._Editors

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