Pakistan only 4th Generation regulator in South Asia, ITU report

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has ranked Pakistan as 4th Generation Regulator (G4), as the country became the only country in South Asia to achieve this rank.

As per ITU’s report “Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2020 (GIRO)”, Pakistan scored 88 points, and was also among the top 5 regulators in the entire Asia-Pacific region with a global rank of 48.

Other countries to make into the top five list include Singapore, Japan, Australia and Malaysia.

The report further reveals that Pakistan has scored full marks (20/20) for Regulatory Authority, 19/22 for regulatory mandate, 22/30 for regulatory regime and 27/28 for competition framework.

It is pertinent to inform that ITU is a United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.

Talking about the Asia-Pacific region, GIRO stated that the region presents a very diverse range of countries in terms of regulatory maturity. Across the region, only four countries (roughly one in ten) have attained G4 status and no countries have succeeded in attaining G4 status since 2012. Singapore and Japan place in the G5 category.

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