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Pakistan evaluating Chinese pharma clinical trials proposal

Pakistan is currently evaluating the offer given by a Chinese pharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials of an inactivated novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine in the country.

“About vaccine for COVID-19: Pakistan is approached by a Chinese company for possible trails. We have asked for more information, which we will evaluate through relevant experts from safety, ethics, regulation and feasibility perspectives before deciding,” said Special Assistant for Health, Zafar Mirza on Friday, at his Twitter handle.

“Too early to say anything!” added Mirza.

The statement comes after China’s pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, claimed to have developed vaccine for the coronavirus and has invited Pakistan’s National Institute of Health for clinical trials.

“Through our representative HealthBee Projects Private Limited, we would like to extend our offer for cooperation on conducting clinical trials of our recently developed inactivated COVID-19 vaccine to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in our brotherly country, Pakistan,” read the letter sent to Major General Prof Dr. Aamir Ikram, Executive Director of National Institute of Health, by the general manager of China Sinopharm International Corp., Li Can.

“We hope that a successful clinical trial in Pakistan will make it one of the first few countries for the launch of a COVID-19 vaccine,” the letter added.

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